How to revamp an old table in to a modern chevron center piece

How to revamp an old table in to a modern chevron center piece

I have painted several pieces of furniture for my home and initially some of them i did totally wrong.

It seems simple , like you just grab some brushes and paint and thats all about it right? NO! If u want something professional looking which will last you long , you need to follow a few basic guidelines.

for this project i turned an old ikea table into something extremely modern and gorgeous.


  • fine grit sandpaper
  • medium grit sandpaper
  • cloth for wiping dust
  • acrylic or oil paints
  • primer
  • paint brush/ roller
  • spray paint in gold color
  • top coat or varnish
  • painters tape / masking tape
  • crafters knife
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • cardboard or any thick sheet for stencil

step 1 : Prep it up

The first thing to do before painting a piece of furniture is to give it a good cleaning after removing the hardware.

step 2 : Sand

Next i sanded down the table top and sides so that i get a smooth surface.

step 3 : Prime

I then primed the top with an oil based primer. This helps the paint to settle on the piece betterand also covers any discoloration in the wood.

step 4 : Sand again

Using a fine grit sand paper i lightly sanded the top again . This helps attain a much more professional and even finish. Be sure to remove the sanding dust each time with a cloth.

step 5 : Paint

Once my piece was primed and ready i started painting the base color. i used white latex paint in thin coats . Did three coats , letting dry each coat before doing the next one. You can do this with a roller or paint brush whatever suits you.

step 6 : Stencil

I drew a chevron pattern on a cardboard and cut it out to use it as my stencil for chevron pattern . Starting from the top i traced all the design on to the table. You can even print out a chevron and use it as your stencil 🙂

step 7 : Cover with painters tape:

I then covered alternate chevron lines with painters tape. The unnecessary parts i removed by the help of my crafters knife.

step 8 : Paint

Using navy blue paint i then painted the visible patterns of the chevron. Remember your paint shoul be thick otherwise it would seep in the tape and go where you dont want it to be 🙂 Repeat twice or thrice once the previous coat has dried.

step 9 : Remove tape

Once the paint was completely dry usually 12-24 hrs slowly pull off and remove the tapes .

step 10 : Spray paint

For the legs i just wiped them down clean , slightly sanded them and spray painted them from a distance of around a feet . Repeated twice .

step 11 : Varnish

Finally my super gorgeous table was ready . I used a spray varnish to seal it as my top coat. Sealing your furniture provides extra protection to your finish and creates a wipe-able, easy to clean surface.

Last step : Enjoy your new center piece 🙂

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  1. Asma

    Looks amazing !

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      Thank you 🙂

  2. Fizza Asif

    What an amazing idea, love your work ❤️❤️

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      thank you Fizza . Means alot .

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      Thats really kind of you 🙂

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