My DIY Tulips.

My DIY Tulips.

An old light shade
An old plant which i used as my tulips stems.
My gorgeous tulips once they were ready.
the final thing 🙂


  • Old lampshades : I used ceiling fan ones which were pretty common in the older days .
  • Metal base parts
  • Glass paints : I used Pink, Orange and Green
  • Varnish
  • A pipe or an old plants stem to create our own stem
  • Hot glue gun
  • Paint brushes
  • Cloth


Step 1 :

I washed the light shades thoroughly with soap water as they had a lot of dirt on them. Then dried them up completely with a cloth .

Step 2 :

Once they were dry i painted each of them with a different color. Here i have used Pink and Orange for the tulips. For a more realistic touch i did the dripping paint effect on each tulip with the same shade of paint i had used earlier.

Step 3 :

Next i painted the metal base with Green paint to make it look more realistic.

Step 4 :

Once all the paint was dry i sprayed a coat of varnish although its not really necessary but i just did for extra protection from rain etc as we get a lot of it here 🙂

Step 5 :

For the stem i cut an old plants stems . You can also use pipes or thin rods and paint them green. I already had this with me so i just used these ones instead.

Step 6 :

Now time to attach everything together. I used hot glue gun to first attach the metal base and tulips together. Then i attached the stem by first inserting it a little bit inside from the base of the tulip and then i poured hot glue from the inside and the outside as well for extra support 🙂

Step 7 :

Your DIY tulips are now ready. Place them in a pot inside your house or anywhere in your garden outdoor . You can add leaves to the stem also or insert lights in them to create a glamorous look at night .

For any questions feel free to comment below and ill get back asap. 🙂

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